Why My Social Media Efforts are Failing

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Everyday we meet with both clients and potential clients who seem to have the same belief of social media; that it doesn’t work for their business. It’s during these meetings that we probe further and deconstruct what is going on with their social media plans to determine why they are failing or is it true that social just doesn’t work for their business. The leading culprit always seems to be the same: time!

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How Google Chromecast Will Change Small Business Marketing Forever

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With the unveiling of Google’s new Chromecast a few weeks ago and the subsequent demand for it, the way businesses market to consumers will inevitably change forever. In case you haven’t been paying attention Google released Chromecast at the end of July. About the size of a flash drive the Chromecast plugs into any HDTV to stream content such as Hulu, Netflix, and Youtube from any laptop or mobile device directly to the television. For a low price of $35 and a 3-4 week wait list at most retailers including the Google Play store, Google has put themselves in a position to become a major player in television.

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Why You Need Your Business To Go Mobile Today

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Website? Check. Social Media? Check. Email Marketing? Check. Mobile Strategy?

If you own a small or medium size business and haven’t developed a mobile strategy you will soon be left behind. According to Google 44% of Americans now own a smartphone and 94% use smartphones to search for a local business. In addition Facebook has recently released studies that show over 50% of site usage occurs on mobile devices. Even the best laid plans will fall apart without planning for the future in mobile.

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Black Hat SEO, Why Are We So Surprised?

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With all of the news lately about companies being banned for purchasing links it makes me wonder why the surprise. A lot of the popular bloggers and industry news groups have been reporting on this as if it’s a new phenomenon, yet this is rampant among local SEO’s. I have spent years competing against them in the Philadelphia market for the advertising dollars of local small businesses. The sad part in all of this is the unassuming business owner who’s online footprint is destroyed by these companies.

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Local Search Marketing | How Much Time Does It Take For A Successful Campaign

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I wanted to start off our blog with some thoughts on an article I just read at Search Engine Journal regarding Local Search Marketing (see article here). This article covers many of the issues we currently see working with small and medium sized businesses, however the most glaring and not mentioned aspect of Local Search is the amount of time involved. When I meet with a business owner who is at least somewhat successful at managing their online campaigns they tell me that roughly 15 hours of their time is spent each week or nearly 37% of their office time.

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